Cost Management (Quantity Surveying)

Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying have similar and highly overlapping functions. Quantity Surveying relates more to building design and construction, while Cost Engineering relates more to engineering projects and processes.

Dependable Project Services uses Registered Quantity Surveyors who are more accurate than standard American Cost Estimators

Cost Management High Rise

The purpose is to provide independent, objective, accurate, and reliable capital and operating cost assessments usable for investment funding and project control; and to analyze investment and development for the guidance of owners, financiers, and contractors.


  • Estimates of capital or asset costs including development costs
  • Trending of scope and cost changes
  • Decision analysis
  • Project cost control
  • Project analyses, databases, and benchmarking
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Cost management
  • Estimating costs and analyzing risk
  • Trending and controlling costs and assessing design
  • Documenting costs
  • Alternate case studies

Cost Segregation Studies (CSS)

Dependable Project Services' IRS-approved Cost Segregation Studies can help accelerate income tax depreciation deductions to generate tax savings for the property owner. These legitimate income tax savings are achieved through engineer identification and subsequent filing of required accounting method change documents.

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